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Perimeter Overview

Dive into everything that makes this an appealing district for businesses of all kinds – or share it with your clients.

Parking Ratio Calculator

How much parking do you really need for your office? Get a smarter starting point based on what’s used by businesses in the area. 

Relocation Case Studies

Standing up, expanding, or updating an office in Perimeter? Get expert analysis to set your employees up for smoother commutes.


Perimeter Connects is a service provided by the Perimeter Community Improvement District to support employers, professionals in the area, commercial properties, and brokers (at no cost). 
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For Employers:
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Equip your teams with strategies and resources to create a more balanced workday.

For Commuters:
Find Your Best Way to Get to Work

You have options for getting to work in Perimeter. Find your best way with our commuting resources.