Commuter Services

We are here to simplify all the different options that will get you to Perimeter.

Click here to request a commute plan with step-by-step directions on a new way to get to work.


You’re never more than a short walk away from a transit stop in Perimeter. We are anchored by three MARTA stations and abundant shuttle and bus options. Transit is also “good for you”. Transit riders take 30% more steps per day and spend 8.3 more minutes walking than people who rely on their cars. Hop on board with these local transit options:

Marta Rail and Bus

For many commuters, MARTA is the easiest and most direct way to the Perimeter area. Don’t forget, you have direct access to Hartsfield Jackson Airport from Perimeter on MARTA.  Use MARTA On the Go for real time arrival information and request a ride with Uber directly through the app for the last leg of your trip.

Over 30 Regional Routes!

SRTA Xpress  serves Perimeter with nearly three dozen routes. Bus doesn’t get you all the way to work? You can transfer to MARTA for free.

Shuttle Connections from MARTA

Many workplaces offer shuttles that connect with nearby MARTA stations. Check here for a listing of all the Perimeter shuttle routes and hours. All of these shuttles are absolutely free to employees!

Next Stop...Prizes!

You could win $25 gift cards or even earn up to $150 by logging a transit commute.

Share The Ride

One the most convenient options is sharing the ride in a car or van. Split the cost of driving, gas, and, parking. Find a carpool partner or vanpool route at Once you find one, check out all these great perks for sharing the ride:

Never Left Behind

Get a free taxi ride home when you need it most.  From unscheduled overtime to personal emergencies, you’ll always have a way home when you share the ride.

Fill'er Up

Carpool with two or three other people and earn gas cards for your commute.

Be Rewarded

Share the ride to win $25 gift cards or even earn up to $150 by logging a carpool/vanpool commute.


Explore Perimeter on two wheels and take advantage of our 10.9 miles of bike lanes. Did you know that biking in Atlanta has increased by 400% between 2000-2009? Perimeter cyclists will also enjoy the following benefits:

Make it a Combo Commute

Atlanta is lucky to have one of the few transit agencies that allow bikes on their trains. Go the distance by combining your bike ride with a train/bus ride.


New full-time bicycle riders can expect to lose an average of 13 pounds their first year of bike commuting according to International Bicycle Fund.

No More What-ifs

Cyclists can use the Guaranteed Ride Home to receive a free taxi in the event of a personal emergency or unscheduled overtime.

Win Prizes

Earn up to $150 by making the switch from driving alone. Log your commute to win $25 gift cards. Every one in 10 commuters will win.