Let’s Get Reacquainted.

On November 28, 2017

Let’s Get Reacquainted.

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Ready to implement commuter programs in the new year? Get to know our free Connector tools for step-by-step program implementation.

At Perimeter Connects, we are here to provide resources to help you establish and manage commuter programs.  Our website is full of great turn-key tools to get your program off the ground or give it the boost it needs.

Use what you need, when you need it.  Our convenient downloads for Connectors include:

– Incentive plans to get employees to give up their parking space
– Templates to create your flexible work arrangement policy
– Transit pass payroll deduction forms
– Guaranteed Ride Home applications (renewals due now!)
– Inspiring marketing posters
– Sample surveys, forms, and more

Where’s all this great stuff?

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