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That commute is getting old. Atlanta has been through a lot of changes over the past few weeks, and we’re not done yet.
IHG encourages employees to skip the drive, and try out a new way to work.

Use these resources below to find the best route for you.


MARTA Information

MARTA will not be slowed by construction or delays. Use the trains to travel through the connector and directly into Perimeter and give Waze a break.  Make sure to check there is parking available. MARTA route planning and schedule information can be found at:

Did you Know?

Did you know? You can purchase a discounted MARTA pass using pre-tax funds through IHG. Sign up by April 19 for your May pass.

Alpharetta and Cumming Commuters

IHG is piloting a direct shuttle route from north on GA400 to Ravinia. The shuttle has free wifi to help you get your day started earlier. Ride with colleagues as someone else is doing the driving all the way into Perimeter. 

Take Xpress

GRTA Xpress has commuter bus routes directly into Perimeter from Conyers. Additional bus routes connect to MARTA lines, then providing easy access to IHG. Use the free Wifi to start knocking out those emails before you even get to your desk.  

Ravinia Shuttle

Skip the walk from the Dunwoody MARTA station, and take the Ravinia shuttle. Follow signs to the kiss & ride section to pick up the shuttle with front door access to Ravinia. 

Consider a Carpool

Do your part to reduce the amount of cars on the interstate, and consider sharing the ride to RaviniaIt’s like have a personal driver every other week. Find a carpool buddy today with the Georgia Commute Options rideshare database.

Work from Home

Reach out to your supervisor to discuss regular telework or flex work options. Teleworking could be 1 day per week, or flex your work hours to get out of the peak commute

Still stuck?

Our commute coaches are available to help employees find an alternate route. The Perimeter Connects team will continue to update you with resources and information.