I-85 Rebuild

The Bridge is Back! A Success Story – Ahead of Schedule

The I-85 bridge reopened early, in a construction feat touted as “nothing short of impressive,” by U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Chao.  (more…)
Ted Fleming – Cox Automotive

Commuter Spotlight: Ted Fleming – Cox Automotive

We chatted recently with Ted Fleming, a Perimeter commuter that has altered his commute since the I-85 bridge collapse.  (more…)
i85 support, i-85

I-85 Closure Support

The I-85 collapse has changed your commute today and for unforeseen future. (more…)

In The Know: Transportation News

Staying up-to-date with transportation information impacting Perimeter and metro Atlanta can be time consuming and challenging. (more…)

Commuter Spotlight: Lynn Adams

Lynn Adams faces the usual commute challenges that prevent many people from taking an alternate type of transportation. (more…)

MARTA-HACK, Technology to make the ride smoother

While the statistics around smartphone usage change daily, it is safe to say that a lot of people have smartphones (more…)

Bike + MARTA = Your New Commute

Did you know that MARTA is one of the few public transit agencies in the US that allows you to bring bikes on board?  (more…)

Xpress commuter spotlight: Siddharth Somani

Meet Sid, a Perimeter Xpress Bus Rider!


SRTA Xpress Bus: 5 Facts & Fiction

For Perimeter area commuters, there are great opportunities to take a SRTA Xpress bus to get to and from work. (more…)

How to Ride: Xpress Edition

The Perimeter area is serviced by two direct GRTA Xpress buses, plus over 30 other routes that connect to MARTA rail. (more…)

Real-time transportation information simplifies your commute  

State Farm in Perimeter has made commuting more convenient with the use of TransitScreens, which provide real-time transportation information to employees. (more…)

Dan Harris wins Georgia Commute Honors “Road Warrior” Award

Perimeter bike commuter Dan Harris was honored with the Road Warrior award by Georgia Commute Honors. (more…)