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New, Improved Shuttle Technology has Arrived in Perimeter


Need to access Perimeter Shuttles without a smartphone? Visit our online platform.

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Download the Perimeter Shuttles app to book a seat on your shuttle and track the shuttle in real-time.

Participating shuttles utilize flexible routing, rather than following a set schedule.

The app is part of a pilot program that is running from Nov. 2018 through April 2019.

The pilot program is sponsored by the Perimeter Community Improvement Districts and Perimeter Connects.

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Follow these four easy steps to request your Perimeter Shuttles ride.


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Request a shuttle via the app, book your seat, track the shuttle as it’s en route, and sit back and relax while riding to your destination.


Your shuttle seat is just a touch of a button away. Plus, you can book your seat up to 24 hours in advance.


Our drivers use Perimeter Shuttles’ GPS technology, which navigates the most efficient routes and avoids traffic and delays.


Perimeter Shuttles is offered at no cost to passengers.

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Yes, if you ride one of the shuttles participating in the pilot program, you’ll need to use the app to request your shuttle. Download the Perimeter Shuttles app from the iTunes or Google Play app store and create an account. From there, book your seat and track the shuttle in real time as it is en route to your designated pick-up location.

Perimeter Shuttles will also be available through an online platform that will allow you to request a shuttle and book your seat, just like you would with the app. The website is available at book.perimetershuttles.com.

The Perimeter Shuttles pilot program is offered by select properties and employers in the Perimeter community. Instead of shuttles running on a scheduled loop, the Perimeter Shuttles app dynamically directs shuttles to awaiting passengers by GPS, taking the most efficient route to arrive. Passengers on participating shuttles must download the Perimeter Shuttles app and book their seat in order to ride.

The Perimeter Shuttles pilot program will not change the days and hours in which your shuttle currently operates. The program will just streamline shuttle services to be more efficient. Use the app and book a ride during your shuttle’s regularly scheduled hours of operation.

The pick-up and drop-off points are the same as your shuttle’s existing route.

Yes, you can cancel a booked shuttle seat at any time without penalty.

Upon booking your seat via the Perimeter Shuttles app, you can track the shuttle’s location on the app as it approaches.

The shuttle will wait at its stop for up to two minutes for any passengers who aren’t at the stop upon its arrival.

Enter your origin, destination and departure time into the app, then select your shuttle from the dropdown menu listing available shuttles.

Once you book your ride, you’ll be able to track your shuttle in real time.

You can book your shuttle seat up to 24 hours in advance. If your schedule changes and you need to adjust your shuttle pick-up time, simply cancel the booked ride and book a new ride in the app.

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Download the Perimeter Shuttles app today.



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Have Feedback about the Perimeter Shuttles program?

We want to hear from you! Contact Anna at info@perimeterconnects.com.