The Commuters

Dunwoody MARTA Station Mural Artwork
by Local Artist Neka King

Commuters and guests passing through Dunwoody Station will find a suite of station enhancements in the shuttle loop, most impressively a 70-foot wide 3-panel mural called “The Commuters”– one of the largest pieces of public art in the area. To better serve the hundreds of professionals and visitors who use last-mile shuttles at the station, the City of Dunwoody and the Perimeter Community Improvement Districts (PCIDs) partnered with MARTA to implement the mural along with new shuttle signage and enhanced lighting. 

Enhancements to the station also include prominent shuttle wayfinding and lighting to improve the experience for riders who are navigating between MARTA and shuttle services.

Station Enhancements Made Possible By
"The Commuters" Artist Statement

“There once was this town where the people held their homes inside of them as they traveled around the world and back.”

This mural is to illustrate a busy commuting scene along all 3 walls. Through visual clues, my purpose is to get the viewer to engage in a curious act of “People Watching”. In this illustration, each subject’s face is strategically hidden so that the viewer is only left with visual clues. These clues give a glimpse into what that person may be up to, their cultural experiences, but most important resonate as familiar scenes for the viewer.

— Neka King, Artist

Watch the Making of the Dunwoody MARTA Station Mural and Enhancements