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A care package for your work from home needs

Like many of us, you may be navigating an entirely new way of working right now. Even if you have done it before, the shift to working from home (WFH) company-wide can take some adjustment.
We want to help make your WFH experience even better.

What You’ll Find

Get Out & Explore

Find Adventure Around
Metro Atlanta

This year has brought less opportunities to travel the world and more chances to experience the adventures awaiting you just outside your front door. Whether you’re looking for a staycation or just to add in some more fun to your work from home routine, we’ve got you covered.
Check out our guide to staycation-ing around Atlanta.

Worth Sharing

Pass Along WFH Resources to Your Employer

Working from home might be working well for you, and you may be thinking about ways to keep it going. You can connect your manager or HR team with resources that help establish WFH arrangements for the long-term.

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Visual Guide

Improve Your Workspace at Home

We’ve created a visual that shows you how to set up your workspace so it’s comfortable and equipped with everything you need to be happy while working from home. Access this visual guide via the button below.

What Other Employees from Perimeter Think About WFH

Hover your mouse over the icons (or select them on mobile) to view the quotes.

“This is a dream come true!”

“I believe the way we work will be forever changed. Employees are proving a lot of work can be done from home.”

“Working from home has proven to make me more self-reliant and more resourceful. I look forward to waking up and logging in to work.”

“I think working from home gives me a sense of pride that my employer trusts me enough to still be engaged and productive without having that physical connection.”

Because You Deserve It

Earn Rewards

You can earn rewards for working from home through our partner Georgia Commute Options (GCO). Log your WFH days through GCO’s platform to earn points that you can put toward the rewards you want.

Follow these steps to sign up for the GCO app and log a WFH day.

Step 1: Download the GA Commute mobile app from your app store

Step 2: Log your first WFH trip

Click the button to sign up and start logging your WFH days.

Tools & Tunes to Knock It All Out

Stay Productive

We’ve compiled resources to help you collaborate and accomplish your tasks.

WFH Task Schedule Template

Keep your manager looped in on your weekly priorities using this template.

Easy WFH Hacks

Follow these quick tips to improve your at-home workdays, from organizing your space to taking better breaks.

Your Guide to WFH Success

Accomplish more with help from this guide packed full of tips and resources.

Tunes to Fuel Your Workday

Listening to music while you work can sharpen your focus throughout the day. We’ve curated a Spotify playlist of feel-good jams to give your day a musical boost.

Gems From Around the Web

Find Balance

We know the current situation can be a little overwhelming–it’s also about finding balance. Here are resources from around the web to help you find meaningful ways to spend your time.

Insight TimerA highly-rated, free meditation app and website. Ready to try your first meditation? Check out this fan favorite.

Breathing Exercise Video – This easy-to-follow instructional video from Michigan Medicine shows you how to decompress through deep breathing exercises.

Free Crayola Adult Coloring Pages – Break out your arts and craft supplies and honor your inner artist with these coloring pages.

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