Groove on the Move: ‘Rhythm + Rails’ Brings Eclectic Sounds to Riders Across Perimeter MARTA Stations 

In a symphony of wheels and melody, Perimeter Connects orchestrated ‘Rhythm + Rails’, a unique celebration for Perimeter’s commuters. Over three electrifying days, Perimeter’s three MARTA stations—Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, and Medical Center—transformed into concert venues with performances from talented local musicians. Scroll on for sights + sounds from this one-of-a-kind musical journey.


Shagadelics at Duwoody Station

Re-live the Rhythm with @Perimeter_ATL on Instagram

In a district known for housing the best professional talent, ‘Rhythm + Rails’ bridged the gap with creative talent giving everyone a chance to connect after their 9-to-5. From soulful rock to folk and pop, the live musical acts wowed the crowds at Medical Center, Dunwoody, and Sandy Springs Marta Stations. The artist lineup included: 

If you missed the live performances or just want to re-live the musical magic, head over to our Instagram @Perimeter_ATL to view a few recap videos, in partnership with Atlanta Transit Girl who captured the heart, soul, and good vibes of Rhythm and Rails. 

‘Rhythm + Rails’ Paves the Way for Commuter Connections 

‘Rhythm + Rails’ wasn’t just about the music; it was a movement towards championing alternative transit options in a district that boasts unparalleled access and direct connections for the region via Perimeter’s three MARTA stations. In a first-of-its-kind initiative, Perimeter Connects provided over 200 10-trip MARTA passes to new and current riders who registered online during a two-week promotional period. This initiative supports the broader goal of advancing more accessible and sustainable commuting experiences in the Perimeter district. 

“Hearing live music as I approached my station and listening while I waited for my train home was a real treat,” said Amy I also appreciated the free 10-trip pass!” – Amy Sheffield, ChildPlus Software

Jenn Cornell at Dunwoody Station

Perimeter Connects, Perimeter’s comprehensive commuting program made possible by the Perimeter Community Improvement Districts (Perimeter CIDs) and the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), partners with Perimeter’s employers to provide discounted transit pass programs, significantly alleviating the enduring pain points associated with daily commutes. If you’re an employer looking to enhance your employees’ commuting experience, promote sustainable transit options, and foster a vibrant workplace culture, Perimeter Connects is here to help. Connect with us to explore how you can bring discounted transit pass programs and unique initiatives like ‘Rhythm + Rails’ to your workforce, making the journey to and from work a highlight of their day.