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New Exclusive for Managers

Give Your Teams More Balance

Right now, the future of work may feel uncertain, but we’ve created a special framework to help you prepare for an emerging future called Balanced Work. Create a more balanced workday for your teams by accessing in-depth research, practical strategies, case studies, and ready-made templates.

Equip your team with a better commute

Deliver transportation solutions that make getting to work easier for your employees or tenants in Atlanta’s Perimeter district. As our Connectors, you can access important news and resources that can improve commutes to your workplace.

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Traffic can hurt your team

Metro Atlanta commuters have one of the longest average commutes in America. Long commutes are expensive, stressful and have been shown to reduce employee productivity.

Traffic costs people…

Over and hour every day
Five hours a week
260+ hours a year
11 days out of every year

You can make all the difference

Boost productivity. Cut Costs. Support Your Employees.

Here are two ways you can get started.

Rollout a commuter benefits program.

Jump start your workplace with a commuter benefits program. Check out our library of resources.

Navigate Perimeter with these resources.

Check out our top resources for Perimeter Connectors.