Sent on a Goose Chase: How Perimeter Pursuit Challenged Residents to Explore the Neighborhood

June 12th, 2024

If you were out in Perimeter last spring and saw people taking pictures of local landmarks, snapping selfies on transit, or posing with a giant inflatable goose, you were probably witnessing the Perimeter Pursuit.

Perimeter Pursuit was a district-wide scavenger hunt that lasted from late March through the end of April. Participants were sent on a “goose chase” around Perimeter to discover hidden treasures, learn fun facts about the neighborhood, and explore all that the district has to offer (all with the help of the challenge’s mascot, Peri the Goose).

This new initiative was a great success, attracting hundreds of people who work or live in Perimeter to participate in the scavenger hunt.

A participant in Perimeter Pursuit taking a picture with the challenge’s mascot, Peri the Goose.

On a Mission to Discover Perimeter

Perimeter Pursuit, which is run by Perimeter Connects, involved completing a variety of different missions, all related to the Perimeter area.

These missions included everything from answering trivia questions about the region to spending a day volunteering in the community. Participants discovered unique historic spots, tried out Perimeter’s transit options, and even had an excuse to sample a local independent coffee shop. 

Each mission was worth a different number of points depending on its difficulty. Points could be cashed in for prizes, including hotel stays and gift cards for local spas and restaurants. 

A grand total of 328 people signed up to participate in Perimeter Pursuit, completing 2,351 mission submissions and earning an average of 1,290 points. 

The event launched with a kick-off celebration that involved 18 employers and property managers, one of the biggest events of the kind that Perimeter has ever run.

Perimeter Pursuit player Jason Lee who along with Brooke Prosser were the grand prize winners of Sandy Springs' Ultimate Staycation Package.

Building Community Connection

Now that the Perimeter Pursuit is over, participants report that they had a blast. 

Each mission was designed to bring the people who live and work in Perimeter closer to their community in some small way, and by all accounts, it worked – participants report that they enjoyed getting to know the region, and that it made them feel more excited about their neighborhood.

“This was by far one of the best experiences since I’ve been here in Dunwoody. I’ve been a resident over 20 years, but in doing these missions, I discovered places and little gems I didn’t even know existed,”

In addition to revealing hidden gems, Perimeter Pursuit encouraged participants to take a closer look at their community as they moved through it, appreciating its many novelties. Many participants completed the missions in teams, which fostered even more community connection.

Perimeter Pursuit participants completing a mission by carpooling to their Perimeter workplace together.

Even the prizes featured local businesses, keeping winners interacting with the community even after the event was done. 

Perimeter Pursuit proved to be a great way to encourage curiosity about Perimeter and help participants recognize the value of the place they live and work in. And – perhaps most importantly of all – it was a lot of fun.

Community-wide events like Perimeter Pursuit are just some of the benefits Perimeter Connects brings to the region. Learn more about how Perimeter Connects works to make Perimeter a great place to live, work, and play.