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Getting from the airport to Insight Global’s offices at Twelve24 is extraordinarily easy.
From the Airport: MARTA Red Line – Board a Red Line train at Airport station. To get to the station, follow the signs for Ground Transportation and then “MARTA”. If you have any trouble, airport attendants and staff will happily point you the right direction!

Fares: You can purchase a one-way or round-trip fare (called a “Breeze card”) at the kiosks at the station. Just follow the instructions, and if you have any trouble at all there’s a station attendant at Airport station who can help.

Your Destination: Dunwoody Station

Once You Arrive: Doors will open on your left. Exit your train and follow the signs for “Parking Deck, Mall and Street.” To get out of the station, tap your MARTA Breeze card at the turnstiles near the parking deck.

Getting to Twelve24: Once you exit the turnstiles, turn right, following the signs to “Street and Mall.” Look for the covered walkway connecting from the station to the east parking deck (it’s on your right as you walk). Take the stairs or elevator to the parking deck’s fifth floor and follow the covered walkway to the pedestrian bridge leading to Twelve24.


The trip back from Insight Global’s offices to the airport is seemless – one train, follow it to the end of the line!
From Twelve24: The pedestrian bridge to MARTA is on the 2nd floor of Twelve24. Take the covered walkway across to the parking deck and descend the stairs (or elevator) to the 2nd floor, then take the next covered walkway into Dunwoody Station. Turn left and you’ll see the turnstiles and entrances. Tap in with your Breeze Card or buy one at a kiosk, then climb the stairs, elevator, or escalator to the platform above.

Fares: You can purchase or reload a fare card at the kiosks at the station.

Your Destination: Airport Station.

Once You Arrive: Exit your train and descend to the airport entrance. Then navigate left or right depending on your specific carrier (Delta serves the South Terminal, most other carriers are on the North side), and proceed to your flight check-in and/or security gates.