The Great Perimeter Promenade 2017

On March 16, 2017

The Great Perimeter Promenade 2017

In April 2017

The Great Perimeter Promenade
1.      Find a guided lunch time walk every Wednesday in April at a property near you.
2.      Explore Perimeter, get goodies!
3.      Walks happen in sunny weather only!

April 5th

Promenade to Lunch at Perimeter Mall

Amble around; see what’s new and take advantage of discounts in the food court!

April 12th

Promenade across Hammond

Consider grabbing a taco or a delicious bagel at walkable restaurants nearby

April 19th

Promenade for Chicken

Learn the safe route to a chicken sandwich and a milkshake

April 26th

Promenade along Perimeter Center West

Explore great lunch options without even crossing the street

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