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It’s Simple to Start Vanpooling

Vanpool popularity is on the rise, and over a dozen currently come to the Perimeter area daily, with more forming every month. Vanpools typically have bewteen seven and 15 passengers, and the van is owned, insured and maintained by a private vanpool provider. Driving in the HOV or HOT lanes is one of the many advantages of vanpooling.

If you are interested in joining an existing vanpool, or starting your own, here are several websites to get you on the road.

Check out the ridematching database at Georgia Commute Options.  Enter your home and work address and be matched with others looking for vanpools.

Contact vRide or Rideshare by Enterprise to see if there is an established vanpool you can join.

Invite Perimeter Connects to host a vanpool formation event at your workplace.

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