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Back to School

Back to School Commutes – It’s Elementary!

Make the grade.  Now that school is almost back in session, it’s a good time to remind staff members about safety, schedules, and commute options.  Here are some back to school tips for your team:

• Keep it safe. Be aware of school crossings, and allow extra time for students that may still be learning the rules of safe crossing.  Kids (and their parents) can be unpredictable, so be on watch for any pedestrians on the road.

• Plan for delays. The first few days of school can mean additional traffic as carpool and bus schedules are being established.  Many parents choose to drive their children to school until they are more practiced with taking the bus.  Slowing down for frequent school bus stops can also put you behind schedule.

• Take a tip from the kids. Consider taking a transit commute or a carpool to work.  A change in your kids’ schedule is a perfect opportunity to change yours to something greener.

Be first in your class.  Start a new trend of smart commuting at your work site, with ideas that jump-start your staff:

• Name Tag Game: Make color-coded staff name tags that show regions or zip codes so that team members can see which co-workers live close to them.  This inspires new or expanded carpools.

• MARTA Match-Up: Create a mini-promotion that encourages team members to plan a transit route for their commute in exchange for entries for a prize drawing.  Showing you their plan earns one entry; taking a transit commute earns five entries.  This is especially timely with the expansion of Xpress service!

• Map It Out: Display an enlarged regional MARTA map.  Give each team member a pushpin to show their home location.  This is a great visual way to show clusters of team members and proximity to transit stations and stops.

Here’s a list of start-dates for area schools:

Atlanta Public Schools: August 1

Bartow County: August 1

Cobb County: July 31

DeKalb County: August 7

Forsyth County: August 3

Fulton County: August 7

Gwinnett County: August 7

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