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Bike + MARTA = Your New Commute

Did you know that MARTA is one of the few public transit agencies in the US that allows you to bring bikes on board? That’s right; MARTA can help you get to work faster, easier, and even healthier than when you left. It is no surprise that MARTA riders get more exercise than drive alone commuters because on MARTA, you are walking more and racking up those steps! Consider if you ride your bike to the MARTA station and then again to your office once you get off the train…now we are really talking.

The integration of bicycle and transit modes of travel can help decrease the number of drive alone commuters across metro Atlanta.  Less driving means less air pollution, reduced congestion on roadways, and happy commuters traveling to work.  Consider these tips below and start riding your bike to MARTA today.

Bike + Bus

MARTA buses are equipped to carry two bikes per bus on a first-come, first-serve basis. Not sure how to do it? With Halloween right around the corner, some Atlanta ZOMBIES can show you.  Check out this video to see the ZOMBIES in action.

• Remove loose items from bike
• Place bike on rack in front of bus
• Don’t forget to let the driver know when you exit the bus that you need to unload your bike
• Repeat!

Bike + Train

• When entering the station, tap your Breeze card at the wide gates on either end so you and your bike do not get stuck
• Use elevators, not escalators when entering and existing train stations with your bike
• Avoid boarding full train cars
• The first and last train cars typically have more space
• Towards the front of the train car is the best place to put your bike
• Don’t block the doors to the train

Contact Perimeter Connects for a Custom Commute Plan and see how easy your commute can be on your bike and on MARTA. Here are some additional resources to assist with your Bike + MARTA commute.

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