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Celebrate Earth Week with a Clean Commute

Choosing a clean commute such as taking the train or bus, sharing the ride with friends, family, and coworkers, or walking or biking is choosing to live sustainably. It means taking an approach of balance and equity so that humans and the planet have the capacity to endure over time.

The impact of switching to a clean commute is substantial. Consider this:

Every gallon of gas burned is 20 CUBIC POUNDS of CO2 pollution emitted into the air.

It takes 240 trees 10 YEARS to absorb the CO2 produced from ONE car in a SINGLE YEAR.

Studies show children living within 250 yards of congested highways are 6X more likely to develop cancer.

Every year smog pollution is responsible for 6 million asthma attacks, 159,000 emergency room visits, and 53,000 hospital admissions.

This Earth Week, consider switching to a clean commute to say yes to achieving sustainability and caring for our planet. This is the impact you and your company can make. This is the power of clean commuting.

What’s an earth-friendly commute? Any commute that doesn’t involve driving alone. Carpool, vanpool, walk, bike, take transit—even telework counts! All those modes reduce the cars on the road, which means less air pollution and a greener metro Atlanta.

If you already take a clean commute, Georgia Commute Options is sponsoring a  photo contest!  Tweet or Instagram a photo of your earth-friendly commute during Earth Week, April 18–22, and tag it with #CleanGreenCommute. At the end of Earth Week, all the #CleanGreenCommute entries will be entered into a drawing for a $50 prize! For more information, visit Georgia Commute Options.


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