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Commuter Spotlight: DeJuan from Amerigroup-Anthem Tries Transit

This month, we got a chance to meet with new transit commuter, DeJuan, who just started a new position with Amerigroup-Anthem.

Her employer is a big supporter of clean commuting and the property provides a shuttle service to and from MARTA’s Dunwoody station to the building.  This inspired DeJuan to try transit.  She commutes daily from the airport area to Ashford Green.  We asked DeJuan some questions about her new commute.

PC:  How long have you been working for your employer?

D:  I have been working here for a month and a half.

PC:  Before MARTA, what was your old commute like?

D:  I drove to and from work an hour plus both going and coming from work.  It was extremely stressful – I felt as if I took trips out of town everyday which that is generally what equates to being in your car for 2 hours.

PC:  What kept you from using MARTA? What made you consider taking MARTA?

D:  I can’t really say anything kept me from taking MARTA.  When I realized our building provided shuttle service from Dunwoody station to the property that is what prompted me to give it a shot.

PC:  What was your first commute on MARTA like?

D:  My first commute was very relaxing and calm.  I felt free.

PC:  What has kept you riding MARTA and/or what is the best part of taking transit?

D:  The best part of riding MARTA is it is hassle free, no road rage, and free flowing.  Riding MARTA even cuts down on travel time.

PC:  If you could give other commuters advice what would you tell them?

D:  Take MARTA – it’s Smarter.

Are you a Perimeter clean commuter?  We’d like to hear about your commute.  We might even feature your commute story in an upcoming Perimeter Connects Commuter Spotlight.  Email us at

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