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Commuter Spotlight: Lecretia Takes on a Stress-Free Commute

Like many metro Atlanta residents traveling across town for their job, working mom Lecretia G. endured wearisome commutes to her job as an Administrative Assistant. Each day she drove from her home in Lawrenceville to Perimeter, racking up 50+ miles round trip on her car (and her peace of mind). Eager to quit Atlanta traffic for good, she jumped at the chance for a calmer ride on an Xpress bus.

We first met Lecretia in September of last year when she took us up on our offer for a free bus pass to try transit for a week. She recently reconnected with us to share how making the switch from driving alone yielded a much more enjoyable commute and provided her with valuable “me time.”

PC: What led you to change how you got to work? 

L: I found that it was very stressful. I currently live in Lawrenceville, and I commute to Sandy Springs every morning. Traffic for me is about an hour and 20 minutes on average. When I was pregnant, I always feared that I would go into labor while sitting in traffic. Luckily, I was at home when I went into labor.

PC: What is your favorite part about riding Xpress?

L: It’s just really relaxing to be able to sit down and be comfortable. When it’s cold outside, it’s warm on the bus. When it’s warm outside, it’s cool on the bus. Sometimes I snack – I’ll have snacks and water in my bag.

PC: What resources did you find helpful as you prepared for your new commute?

L: I often use the GA Commute Options website to log in my commute, and I think it’s very clever how the website calculates my gas and other information that I saved by commuting.

PC: What tips do you have for people considering changing their commute? 

L: Plan ahead – sign up for the incentives, locate your route and do your research on Xpress/MARTA fares. Bring things to do on the bus – books, phone or laptop. Definitely bring a blanket on the bus because the AC works!

PC: Is there anything else you’d like to share about your new commute? 

L: I have enjoyed using the commuter buses. I am less stressed about getting to work on time, I am happier and I have more personal time.


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