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Companies Pledge Workplace Flexibility for First-Ever ‘Perimeter Work Week’

An estimated 4,000 employees who work in Perimeter’s thriving business district are spending less time in traffic this week thanks to the commitment of leading companies in the district taking part in the inaugural Perimeter Work Week (Oct. 28 – Nov. 1).

Perimeter Work Week offers employees at participating companies more flexibility to avoid traffic at least one day during the week by working remotely or choosing their arrival and departure times. The goal is simple: improve productivity and boost job performance and satisfaction by giving employees back an extra hour (or two).

Leading the charge is a group of executive leaders from Perimeter-based companies Mercedes-Benz USA, Cox Enterprises, VMware and Beazer Homes in partnership with Perimeter Connects – the transportation management program of the Perimeter Community Improvement Districts (PCIDs). They are joining forces to reshape what commuting means for those who work at their corporate headquarters. Perimeter Work Week is the first step in their collaboration, and each company has pledged to expand flexible work options to employees.

According to surveys conducted in 2018 and 2019 by Perimeter Connects, 15% of all district employees reported they currently work remotely one or more days a week. Perimeter Work Week signals a collective commitment toward expanding flexible work options across the area. By Perimeter Connects’ calculations, if 50% of all district employees worked remotely one day a week, there would be 9,000 fewer cars on the road each day.

“130,000 employees power more than 5,000 companies in Perimeter, and the district’s growing business community will soon bring even more people to and from Perimeter each day,” says Ann Hanlon, Executive Director of the Perimeter CIDs. “We are proud to work with these companies through our program Perimeter Connects to find commuting solutions so that these businesses—and their employees—can remain productive.”

If your company is interested in participating, check out our Employer’s Guide to Perimeter Work Week to access resources and more.

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