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Earth Day is April 22nd, but what about the other 364 days each year?

There are small things we can change in our lives to improve the health of our planet and reduce our carbon footprints.  Here’s a few easy things we can all do now:

Make our homes more energy efficient. It’s easy to overlook the simple changes that make our homes more efficient.  Unplugging unused appliances and turning off lights make a huge impact on conserving household energy. Reduce your energy bill and make an impact by following these other energy conservation tips.

Recycle. Most sanitation companies provide recycling bins for free which makes it easy to sort the recyclables at home.  Many offices recycle paper, so check to see if you can recycle plastic and aluminum at work in the same bin.  Challenge your family to fill up the recycling bin faster than the trash can.  Check out this list of what you can recycle.

Conserve water.  Choosing a shower over a bath can save nearly 60 gallons of water.  Just think how much water you can save by running full loads in the washer and dishwasher? Other ways to conserve is turning off the water while you brush your teeth, filling the sink with water to wash dishes rather than run the faucet, and only flushing if you must.  Check out more ways to conserve water here.

Buy organic and local. You may not be on the organic bandwagon, and that’s okay, but organic food practices promote healthy water and soil while reducing pollution. Buying local food is great for the local economy, and reduces the number of trucks being driven across the country contributing to traffic congestion and increasing air pollution.  Think about buying from local farmer’s markets or try the organic apples next time you make a grocery run.

Use alternate transportation.  Just like buying local, changing your mode of transportation can have a positive effect on traffic and pollution. If biking or transit are not viable options to get to work, focus on fuel efficient practices while driving: avoid idling, reduce speed, and keep tires properly inflated.  And take advantage of alternate modes of transportation for non-work trips like carpooling to school, walking to dinner, and biking to the store.

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