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Perimeter Xpress Pass

Go Out for a Pass with Xpress!

Upgrade your transit pass program with Xpress.

Turn Up the Transit Ridership.  If your company is already offering MARTA transit passes, adding Xpress passes makes great sense.  Xpress has two new Perimeter routes, bringing the total to four.  The convenience of these routes can be the deciding factor for an employee considering transit.

Not offering transit passes?  The benefits for employers and employees are compelling:

Attendance:  Employees taking transit to work miss less work and are on time more

Tax Savings:  Employees can pay for transit passes with pre-tax earnings, so employers save on payroll taxes…it’s a win-win

Parking Perks:  Free up spaces for carpool parking and more

Reduced Stress:  Get out of gridlock and read a book or listen to music – and arrive to work refreshed

Improved Productivity:  Employees can use their commute to catch up on work emails

Interested in adding MARTA or Xpress transit passes to your company’s benefit offerings? Contact us to get started with a transit pass program today.

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