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I-85 Closure Support

The I-85 collapse has changed your commute today and for unforeseen future. Here are some quick resources to support you. Perimeter Connects staff can provide you with a free customized plan and incentives for a new way to get to work.

MARTA Information

Use the trains to travel through the connector and directly into Perimeter.  Make sure to check there is parking available. MARTA route planning and schedule information can be found at:


View shuttle information from all Perimeter MARTA stations to Perimeter worksites.


Consider a Carpool

Do your part to reduce the amount of cars on the interstate, and consider sharing the ride. Find a carpool buddy today with the Georgia Commute Options rideshare database.

Take Xpress

GRTA Xpress has commuter bus routes directly into Perimeter from Conyers. Additional bus routes south of Atlanta connect to MARTA lines, then providing easy access to Perimeter.

Commute Coaches

Our commute coaches are available to help employees find an alternate route. The Perimeter Connects team will continue to update you with resources and information. Together, we will keep business running smoothly.

Stay Informed

Follow GDOT’s website for updates and ongoing traffic information.



Map: Atlanta transit options to get you through city without I-85

Curbed has created an amazing interactive map illustrating the available transit options in Atlanta that do not use I-85. Check out this great resource for yourself:

Atlanta Bicycle Coalition

Cycling even just some of the time can help alleviate your own stress and overall congestion on Atlanta’s roadways. The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition has put together a great collection of resources and info to help you cycle. 

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