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Festive Traffic

It’s That Festive Traffic Season

A cornucopia of congestion!  It’s official…the season of holiday traffic has begun.

The AJC recently reported on turkey day traffic, narrowing down the exact time ranges to travel within (and in and out of) Atlanta over the holiday.  And, USA Today rates Christmas as “one of the top ten worst travel days.”  Although Thanksgiving and Black Friday are now behind us, they serve as a natural prompt for the rush that is Atlanta holiday shopping.  And while research from Retale has shown that nearly 20% of shoppers wait until the last minute, the other 80% are making purchases – and creating traffic – right now.

What can you do to make your team members’ commutes a little merrier?  Use these holiday songs as a guide to keep them from having a Blue Christmas:

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas:  Remind your team about increased congestion and holiday hot spots to avoid on their commute.

Home for the Holidays:  Consider telework as an option for eligible employees – even one day a week reduces traffic and air pollution by 20%.  Plus, if snow or ice is a factor, working from home is safer and more efficient!

Silent Night:  Instituting optional flex hours, such as a 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. shift, can keep your team out of the after-work shopping rush and get them home to enjoy some peace.

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