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Online Guide for Getting There on MARTA

Did you know that there are dozens of restaurants and shops and several hotels located near Perimeter’s three MARTA stations? Many of those destinations are in walking distance. It’s easy to find your way around with the MARTA Guide.

This handy website details 500 destinations served by MARTA rail and buses. Also on the site is an event guide featuring festivals and other happenings plus the easiest way to travel there on MARTA. Don’t miss the “Best of MARTA” list for the best food, shopping and tourist attractions in the city.

The MARTA Guide is also helpful to those seeking to relocate to a home closer to transit, breaking down neighborhoods into categories such as “family-friendly,” “historic” and “suburban.” Links to homes for sale in each neighborhood are also included.

The MARTA Guide website is a terrific resource to answer all transit related questions, and even includes videos of how to navigate your way around stations.

The MARTA Guide is an informative supplement to the official MARTA website at Check out both resources and enjoy the many benefits of taking transit to Perimeter area businesses.

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