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Summer and Flexible Hours

Summer Hours & Flexible Schedules

Get Greener in the Summer Season!

The heat is on!  With the kids out of school, maybe it’s time you tried something new with your commute to work.Summer is a great time experiment with a transit commute, try carpooling, or switch up your work schedule to improve your commute.  You can help improve the air quality during an especially tough pollution season, plus save some cash for that summer vacation you’ve been planning.  The benefits can last even longer than the summer season:

Get Creative with Your Schedule

•Compressed work weeks, like four 10-hour shifts, can reduce pollution and costs by 20% every week

•Moving your “clock-in” time an hour earlier or an hour later can alleviate traffic congestion during peak hours and make for an easier commute for you

•Teleworking, even just one day a week, can reduce stress, costs, and carbon monoxide

•Need to head into the office? Carpool and transit can help you add time to your day.



•No more hot car to get into at the end of the day
•A relaxing, air-conditioned ride
•One of America’s safest transit systems
•Wi-Fi on most buses
•Supersize Your Carpool
– Easier for many to carpool during summer
– Increase your savings 30-50% by adding one or two more members to your carpool

Try Biking or Walking
•Reduce your commute costs to almost nothing
•Improve your health and save time at the gym

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