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Companies Finding Success Through Telework

This week, businesses across the state are celebrating Georgia Telework Week, taking place Nov. 12 through 16. Telework has gained momentum among businesses, from large enterprises to small startups, and is different for each company implementing it. Some may allow employees to work from home one day a week, while others arrange for employees to telework full-time.

Leading companies across the U.S. are weaving telework into the fabric of their operations and culture. The 2018 Fortune ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ roster boasts many that have embraced teleworking: 79 of the 100 companies offered teleworking in 2018. As more and more are embracing the concept, it’s becoming a competitive edge to attract a top-tier workforce and sustain an engaged employee culture.

Businesses located in Perimeter are reaping telework’s benefits as well. Mercedes-Benz USA began its teleworking journey in 2016, upon its move to Atlanta. Through surveys and observations, it identified commuting to work as a common pain-point among employees. Its employee surveys indicated that, on average, employees were spending 64 minutes round-trip to travel to work. Furthermore, 18% of employees’ household income was being spent on transportation costs.

Mercedes-Benz USA took those findings and created a custom telework program to best serve the needs of its employees as well as the company. Today, 50% of its employees telework one day a week. By instituting this shift, the company has already experienced a lift in employee engagement scores, and a survey of managers indicated that 48% saw productivity increase with addition of telework, and another 42% saw no change in productivity. 98% of employees felt that telework was good for the organization.

Lars Minns, Mercedes-Benz USA’s Chief Human Resources Officer, NAFTA Region, led the company’s efforts towards instituting telework and believes it has proven to be beneficial not only for employees, but the company as a whole. According to Minns, “Comradery does not have to live shoulder to shoulder. . . . We can still experience that comradery working from home.”

Are you interested in bringing telework to your company, but not sure where to start? Our friends at Georgia Commute Options have some tips for implementation:

1. Gain management commitment and obtain IT support.

2. Develop guidelines for your program and establish clear expectations with employees.

3. Implement the program.

4. Train or offer tips to participants along the way.

5. Troubleshoot and act on problems as they arise.


If you’re considering implementing teleworking at your company, we’re here to help. Check out our resources, such as our Telework Selection Survey and Flexible Work Arrangement Policy Templates, or send us a note at

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