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❄ 4 Ways You Can Prepare for Winter Weather

As any Atlanta resident knows, winters in Georgia can be unpredictable and can bring severe weather and hazardous driving conditions. With potential snow and ice looming ahead of us this winter, we encourage you to take the time now to establish a plan to keep your business productive.  

Here are four tips to get you started: 

1. Keep a pulse on weather and transportation alerts.

Tap into transportation and weather advisory resources to stay updated. Follow GDOT on Twitter and Facebook for transportation alerts and sign up for weather alerts specific to your company’s address from The Weather Channel.

2. Find a flexible work arrangement.

Bridge business continuity gaps with flexible work arrangements. From flexible shifts to telework, find the option that best suits your company’s employees and culture 

3. Identify an early release time.

Eliminate confusion and uncertainty for your employees by establishing a release time before inclement weather strikes in the middle of the work day. By establishing a release time in advance, employees are clear on the plan and can manage their workloads accordingly.    

4. Determine your game plan.

Proactively establish a plan that can be used when it’s unsafe for your team to drive to work. In the plan, identify a point person to determine office closures, draft a template email for closure alerts, and include details like the early release time and any flexible work arrangements that will be utilized for closures.

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