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Are you answering employee questions? Audit your internal communications to improve commute information.

A new year brings great opportunity to assess how you communicate about your commute options program.  A few tweaks to your plan can help employees quickly find the information they need to stop driving alone to work and try a commute option like carpooling, transit, or telework. If you are just starting to promote your worksite commute program, these tips can assist you in how best to share valuable trip information with all employees.

If you think through the process in which employees receive information, you can identify the best opportunities:

  • Your company website and job postings are an important way to market how great your company is and why jobseekers will want to work for you. While you are boasting about your recent awards or the importance of work-life balance, consider highlighting transit pass discounts, your company telework program or free resources like a ride matching database to save money on your commute to the new job.
  • Once employees have signed on the dotted line and committed to your organization, you have a captive audience of commuters whose commutes are about to change and may be more likely to consider an option like transit or vanpooling.  Include a flyer in your new-hire packet and discuss transportations as a whole. Don’t just focus on parking at your new hire orientation.
  • Employee Handbook. Employees often refer to the company handbook to understand corporate policies and the benefits package. Make sure your company handbook emphasizes the commuter benefits available to employees including the free cash incentive programs offered through Georgia Commute Options (that your company does not have to pay for).
  • Intranet. Important announcements and company changes can be made to the intranet site for your organization while also housing relevant documents and resources. Consider a transportation page highlighting existing transit route services, links to GRTA Xpress and MARTA, and access to Perimeter Connects’ personalized trip planning tool.
  • Corporate Initiatives. Does your organization promote sustainability? Do employees participate in a wellness challenge? Clean commuting can tie into a variety of corporate initiatives and can be integrated within current onsite programs. Many companies track green numbers within their corporate sustainability reports, and this can include commuting metrics. If you are hosting a wellness challenge, highlight the increase in health employees can gain by taking transit. Review your corporate events calendar to identify opportunities to include commuting campaigns.

Property Managers can do the same communications audit of their resources for existing and future tenants.  Consider a transportation document to highlight why new tenants should relocate to your building highlighting the available infrastructure like MARTA routes, dedicated carpool parking, electric vehicle charging and bike racks.  Provide similar information for presentations and meetings to new tenants as they prepare their workforce for the move to your building.  Consider updating your property website with transportation accessibility in addition to your parking information.

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