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Go green

Commuters Go Green & Earn Some Green

It’s Like Having a Benefits Plan That Costs You Nothing. Georgia Commute Options provides incentives that are a real boost to your company’s benefits plan.  When your team members choose a commute alternative, like riding transit or carpooling, they can get rewarded with valuable perks.  You can promote these perks to jumpstart a green commuting program at your worksite.  It’s a win-win for employers and employees!

Prizes Tailored to the Commuter.  Do you have a group of avid bike commuters at your company?  Do many of your employees live in one or two areas?  Do you have parking issues that might be remedied by a carpool program?  Georgia Commute Options provides an array of prize programs to fit your green commuters:

•Gimme Five: New green commuters get $5 a day for trying an alternative commute, up to $150 over a 90-day period!

•Save Your Commute: Win a $25 gift card for logging your green commute.  The more you report, the more chances you have to win in the monthly drawings!

•More Passengers = More Gas $: Carpools with three or more passengers qualify for $40 gas cards.  Add a fourth rider to your carpool team and you’re eligible for $60 gas cards…one every month for three years!  That’s up to $2,160 in gas card rewards!

•Add a Vanpooler, Get $50: Not only are vanpools a great way to save money, they’re a great way to earn money too!  Refer a new member to a vanpool, and you’ll get $50.  Leaving your vanpool?  Find a replacement rider and get $100!

•Guaranteed Ride Home: With Guaranteed Ride Home, there’s less excuses for not taking a green commute.  Established transit riders, carpoolers, vanpoolers, and cyclists can receive a paid trip home if an emergency arises (such as a sick child or unexpected overtime).

Promoting these incentives during staff meetings, new hire orientations (Check out our New Hire Flyer!), and through employee communications will strengthen your commute options program at your worksite.  Need assistance implementing a new program?  Perimeter Connects is here to help.

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