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Concentration Tune-Up

Our new Work From Home (WFH) series is here to give you quick tips and ideas for improving your at-home work experience. Read on for tips to boost your concentration throughout the workday.

Some days, the sounds of your kids in a Zoom class or your spouse (and new cubicle mate) playing their “work music” gets to be too much. If you find you need some extra concentration time, consider these ideas from The Wall Street Journal:

  • Noise-canceling headphones – they’re not just for plane trips!
  • Turn up the white noise – if the quiet is, well, too quiet, check out Spotify or Apple Music for white noise playlists (there’s even a coffee shop sound-alike)
  • Use your sleeping sound machine – those ocean waves might inspire greatness
  • Set your “status” as BUSY for others in the house – you can just hang a sign on your door letting your family know you’re on an important call

Still not staying focused? The struggle is real! Thrive Global interviewed their community to ask for tips to reduce distraction. Check out these ideas:

  • Keep tabs on your tabs – delete or relocate non-work-related browser tabs
  • Tidy up first (see our post on Housekeeping 101!)
  • Switch up your workspace – a new location can reset your focus

Looking for more WFH resources and tips? Check out our WFH Care Package.

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