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Wi-Fi Warp Speed

Our new Work From Home (WFH) series is here to give you quick tips and ideas for improving your at-home work experience. Read on for tips to improve your internet speed.

Ever feel like you’re getting in your own way? You might be slowing down your internet connection without knowing it. The experts at give us 10 easy ways to speed things up online; some key ideas are:

  • Go old school with an ethernet connection for your primary devices – it’s more secure, faster, and reliable
  • Dig into your data cap – make sure you know what your plan with your internet service provider (ISP) allows since maxing out your data limit will likely slow your speed
  • Speaking of your ISP…negotiate!
    • Check out available plans with your current provider – ask for promotions, discounts, and loyalty offers
    • Compare providers online and over the phone

Routers: Reposition, Reset, Replace. 

Maybe it’s your router slowing you down?  If your internet connection is making you wait, try these tips from

  • You’ve got to move it, move it – reposition your router close to the middle of your house on the floor that you most use the internet
  • Reset your router and your modem – yep, it’s the old “turn it off and back on” trick
    • Reset your router at least every month to refresh
    • If you have a separate modem, reset that too
    • With serious slow-downs, you might need to do this daily – make it easier by plugging your router/modem into a programmable timer that restarts while you’re sleeping (see for more on this)

Move on – it might be time to replace your router with a newer model

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