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MARTA-HACK, Technology to make the ride smoother

While the statistics around smartphone usage change daily, it is safe to say that a lot of people have smartphones. No matter the operating system, commuters have access to a lot of apps that can make riding transit a breeze. Download these apps today and enjoy your transit ride.


MARTA On the Go

This app gives you access to real-time bus and train schedules allowing you the freedom to send one more email or grab a quick cup of coffee on your way. It also minimizes your time waiting on the bus or train. You can even access your Breeze account balance and stay in the know of system alerts that may impact your trip.

One Bus Away

Real-time data for buses and trains makes trip planning even easier for commuters. One Bus Away has been deployed in Atlanta by the  Urban Transformation Information Lab (UTIL)  at  Georgia Tech. This app includes data for multiple transit agencies in Atlanta including MARTA, CobbLinc, and GRTA Xpress bus service. You can even use a desktop version on a computer or mobile device without downloading the app.


Google Maps

Most smartphone users take advantage of a trip planning tool to make travel to work, errands, and social events easier. If you are already using Google Maps for planned vehicle travel, transit trip planning works just the same. When the app estimates your travel time by mode, click on the train icon to identify what MARTA routes are nearby and how long it will take you to walk or bike to the nearest station or bus stop.


MARTA See and Say

Safety is of utmost importance. Just like seatbelts in cars can help prevent accidents, the MARTA See and Say app allows riders to report suspicious packages or dangerous situations. While we all hope you do not have to use this app, watch this video to see how it works.



The beta version of this app is available in Android and iOS. You can track your Xpress bus in real-time to coordinate with the MARTA train and even set up mobile notifications for any stop or route. Stay in the know with trip, route, and system-wide notifications.



Moovit brings additional resources to your fingertips whether commuting in Atlanta, Nashville, or San Francisco. Save trips in your favorites to make repeat travel simple and see reports from users like you regarding crowds and cleanliness at the stations.



Playing music on MARTA is permitted only if you have earbuds or headphones. You can download Spotify and stream music for free with occasional ads. Create your own playlists or explore existing playlists, and enjoy some new tunes on your ride to work.

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