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It’s Here: I-75, I-575 Express Lanes Make Way for Better Commutes

The Northwest Corridor Express Lanes Are Now Open to Peach Pass, Transit Riders

Governor Nathan Deal recently announced that the Northwest Corridor Express Lanes are now open to Peach Pass drivers traveling in Cobb and Cherokee Counties. The Express Lanes are expected to provide a faster path along a nearly 30-mile stretch of highway, with lanes available along I-75—from Akers Mill Road to Hickory Grove Road—and I-575—from I-75 to Sixes Road. Want to take advantage of the lanes? Here’s what you should know.

How Does It Work?

Commuters with a registered, active Peach Pass mounted on the windshield of their vehicle can ride in the lanes and bypass traffic along the major corridors.

Who can ride?

State-registered vanpools and transit vehicles can ride in the lanes for free. If you’re already getting to work using one of these options, you should be good to go—hi-five! Learn more about transit access in the Express Lanes here.

However, state-registered alternate fuel vehicles, motorcycles and carpools must pay tolls via Peach Pass to use the new lanes.

What’s the Cost?

The short answer: the minimum cost is $0.10 per mile; however, the Express Lanes are dynamically priced, meaning as demand for use of the lanes increases, the toll amount rises. This pricing variation ensures you experience more reliable trip times. View this Fact Sheet from Peach Pass and SRTA to understand what you can expect for your trip costs.

Good news: Between now and next Saturday, Sept. 22, Peach Pass users can ride in the express lanes for free. Make sure yours is registered and active to take advantage of this temporary perk!

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