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Take Better Breaks

Our new Work From Home (WFH) series is here to give you quick tips and ideas for improving your at-home work experience. Read on for tips on how to take better breaks while working from home.

Remote workers often forget to take breaks, especially when working from home. Do yourself a favor and build breaks into your schedule. Check out the CDC’s guide on taking active breaks, which improve work-life balance. Their resource guide recommends simple, medium-level, and complex activities for all abilities, including:

  • Airplane stretches – not just for plane rides anymore (check out the video on airplane yoga!)
  • Chair Tai Chi
  • The Chicken Dance (who knew this wedding reception favorite could claim a spot at work?)
  • Deskercise

Psychology Today breaks down some of the science behind breaks and offers some strategies, including:

  • Take a break that feels different from your work – for example, get outside and away from your screen
  • Try “productive procrastination,” like unloading the dishwasher or sorting the mail
  • Substitute a morning break, which can improve your focus and productivity more than a break in the afternoon

Looking for more WFH resources and tips? Check out our WFH Care Package.

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