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Ready for Your Close-Up?

Our new Work From Home (WFH) series is here to give you quick tips and ideas for improving your at-home work experience. Read on for tips to improve your video calls.

Research from has shown that video calls boost engagement and shorten meeting times, so what’s not to love? While you might be borrowing a broadcaster’s approach to your wardrobe (we can’t see your sweatpants, but we know you’re wearing them), you’ll want to look your best on video. Try these tricks of the trade to keep your video image on point:

  • Flexjobs suggests investing in a quality webcam and using a tripod to improve the look and sound of your video conference
  • Repurpose your smartphone or tablet as your new webcam
  • Check your light source – opt for light on your face, and don’t sit with a window behind you
  • Speaking of light, the BBC recommends front-facing natural light to look your best, as well as keeping the camera eye-level or higher
  • Don’t forget housekeeping – clean off your camera lens periodically
  • Set the stage – if you’re not interested in sharing your action figure collection that’s on the shelf you might want to blur your background
  • PC Magazine suggests showing up early so you can preview your camera appearance – they also give tips on backgrounds, camera height, and more
  • Most of all, don’t forget that you are on camera – staying engaged and energized lets others in the meeting know they’re important to you

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