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Spotty Cell Service Solutions

Our new Work From Home (WFH) series is here to give you quick tips and ideas for improving your at-home work experience. Read on for tips to boost your cell service at home.

Are you walking all over your house trying to find the sweet spot for your client call?  And what happens when you need to look at something on your desktop monitor, but the only good cell service is on the back porch?  If you don’t have a landline and need more call reliability, try these tips on for size:

  • Use Wi-Fi for calls – Techlicious gives you the 411 on Wi-Fi calling for a variety of carriers, along with a how-to guide for iOS and Android phones
  • Try a cell signal booster (also called a repeater) – PC Mag reviews their picks for low and high budget boosters
  • Look into a femtocell (also called a microcell) – USA Today explains these boosters that plug into your router (Pro Tip – your carrier might even loan you one!)

Digital Trends digs into this WFH hazard and suggests some other ideas you may want to try:

  • For a potential quick fix, just remove your phone case – it could be interfering with your signal strength
  • Stay in charge – keep your battery charged above 25% for optimal performance, which includes your phone’s ability to receive the signal
  • Check your network settings to make sure you’re connecting to the right carrier and voice and data are switched on
  • Refresh your signal by switching to airplane mode for a few seconds and then switching back

Looking for more WFH resources and tips? Check out our WFH Care Package.

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